O espaço social distópico em Jogos Vorazes: uma leitura a partir de Henri Lefebvre


  • Jean Fabrício Lopes Ferreira Universidade Federal de Pelotas

Palabras clave:

Jogos Vorazes, Distopia, Espaço, Henri Lefebvre


The Hunger Games (2010) is a dystopian phenomenon of the 21st century and is affiliated with the current of 20th century’s dystopias. This article seeks to understand the production of dystopian social space in the novel, based on Henri Lefebvre's theory of the production of space, taking into account how space is lived and conceived within the narrative. From this reading it is possible to understand how the production of this space is historically and economically given and contributes to the maintenance of the Capitol’s social control over the districts.



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Lopes Ferreira, J. F. «O espaço Social distópico Em Jogos Vorazes: Uma Leitura a Partir De Henri Lefebvre». Tenso Diagonal, n.º 13, julio de 2022, pp. 74 -88, https://tensodiagonal.org/index.php/tensodiagonal/article/view/372.



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